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A Southern California native, Brittany Koga has always had an affinity for cooking. She began cooking along side her grandmother and developed a passion for food. At the age of 18, Koga began working at Carmella's, a small mom and pop Italian restaurant, where she learned the basics. Brittany continued travel and cook, from New Jersey, to St. Pete, Orlando, and back to South Florida. Her knowledge, technique, and love for cooking expanded along the way. Ultimately realizing her love for fine dining, high quality products, and sharing her food with the world, Brittany found Palm Beach Meats. Chef Emerson Frisbie's tasting menu concept Clandestine caught her attention. Featuring an

8 course menu of small intricate dishes, inspired by the seasons. Emerson and the owners. Eric and Meghan, welcomed her with open arms. Today she is the Sous Chef for Clandestine and additionally does her own Pop-up once a month featuring Asian inspired dishes.

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